Ashton Pipes - since 1983

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In 1983, William Ashton -Taylor started Ashton pipes beginning the renaissance of classic English pipe making. At fifteen, he started working at Dunhill's and after a long and arduous apprenticeship he rose to become master carver and manager of pipe making operations at Alfred Dunhill Ltd., the most distinguished name in the world of pipes.

William Taylor, a modest man, never expected the worldwide esteem his pipes have received. Simply trying to produce "a good well made smoking pipe", Bill has created, what many smokers consider, the finest smoking pipe in the world.

Every ASHTON pipe is made totally by hand in the great English tradition. Each features a hand-cut mouthpiece made from the exclusive material Ashtonite, a unique blend of vulcanite and Lucite. This material will not tarnish like vulcanite and is softer on the teeth than Lucite. The ASHTON pipe offers the smoker a singular smoking experience.

All ASHTON pipes undergo a unique oil curing process that drives resins, briar sap, and all impurities from the briar. " Eventually, when the pipe is complete it receives a treatment unique to Ashton, that removes the bitterness usually experience when smoking a brand new pipe. The bowl is gently heated for eight (8) hours to drive off any moisture, then immersed in a secret mixture of aromatic oils overnight. This process is then repeated, day in and day out - for two whole weeks."

"Finally it has to be gently dried for several days before Bill Taylor can start the laborious process of hand polishing the bowl and fitting the mouthpiece." Bill Ashton Taylor. Bill loved pipe making and it was his life. He insured that his legacy would not die with him. Over the last two years, his colleague and friend of 30 years, James Craig, worked with him learning the oil curing process and other of Bill’s techniques. Jim will carry on making pipes in the traditional Ashton way.

ASHTON pipe started the revival of England's "new generation" of quality pipe makers in 1983. Production of Ashton pipes is now around 600-800 pipes a year.
All Ashton pipes have no fills or putty whatsoever. This is guaranteed. Every Ashton pipe is still Hand Made in England using the traditional oil-cured method. The process that ensures no break in.
We encourage you to experience the incomparable pleasure of smoking an ASHTON pipe.The advantage of this are: 1) the pipe requires no breaking in, 2) a sweet nutlike flavor from the 1st smoke, 3) a lighter pipe compared with air curing.

We encourage you to experience the incomparable pleasure of smoking an ASHTON.

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