Davorin Morta

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Morta Pipes by Davorin Denovic -
Davorin Info & History
Davorins" background -

Morta Pipes FAQ - what is it, where from and why.

Morta Pipes: " morta pipes... are something like the meerschaum pipes, but not so neutral, are very useful pipes for traveling because you can smoke them many times and they don´t keep the flavor or humidity of the last smoke. They are a little more fragile than briar, but less than meerschaum. Luis B. Chile
"There is nothing like a Davorin Morta pipe" Tom E. AL.
Davorin Morta # 1

$ 395.00 $ 335.75 you save $ 59.25

Davorin Morta Mini Mag # 3

$ 425.00 $ 355.00 you save $ 70.00

Davorin Morta # 4

$ 425.00 $ 355.00 you save $ 70.00
Davorin Morta LX Size # 5

$ 425.00 $ 361.25
Davorin Morta # 8

$ 415.00 $ 352.75  you save $ 62.25

Morta Tamper Comes With Each Pipe

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