Eckhard Stöhr Pipes

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Eckhard Stöhr has been making pipes since 1980's, in the small village of Hamberge in North Germany. Over the past eighteen years he has not only developed his pipe making skills but also invented some specialized tools for pipe making.

Every Eckhard Stöhr pipe is made from hand selected blocks from the best Italian mills with each mouthpiece hand cut from the finest German vulcanite rods. All stems are carefully hand sanded so the edges of the stem are gentel on the mouth. He takes great pride is his stems being extremely comfortable. Each pipe is meticulously crafted to the highest standards of world renown German craftsmanship.

Eckhards yearly production of 80-100 a year is normally totally sold Germany. Each pipe is stamped "ES" in circle and underneath it "Eckhard Stöhr ". I am sure you will enjoy these superb examples of meticulous German craftsmanship.


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Eckhard Stöhr # 1
$ 680.00 $ 567.00 you save $ 113.00
Eckhard Stöhr # 5

$ 594.00 $ 496.00 you save $ 95.00

Eckhard Stöhr # 8

$ 586.00 $ 486.00 you save $ 100.00
Eckhard Stöhr # 9

$ 540.00 $ 453.00 you save $ 87.00

Click on any image or its link below to see a larger view of the pipe.

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