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Pipes2smoke.com is interested in purchasing pipes and pipe collections large and small and receiving trade-ins.

PLEASE NOTE We reserve the right to refuse any items for purchase or trade for any reason we deem fit. We purchase pipes for, on average, 40-50% of the price we expect to sell the pipe(s) for, based on the condition of the pipe and other basics, including market demand and our current inventory. As a rule of thumb, if a pipe has a current resale value of $ 100, we offer $ 40- 50 to purchase that pipe. The only exception to this is with low-value Estate Pipes. We are not interested pipes that we value at less than $ 50.


Our policy on accepting trades towards pipes or other merchandise offered by pipes2smoke.com is the same as the above, but we offer up to 55% in trade credit depending on the make. The majority of the Estate Pipes we offer come to us as trades rather than by outright purchase.

Pipe Brands we are particularly interested in include;

Ashton, Ardor Rainer Barbi, Barling, S. Bang, Becker, Kurt Balleby, Rainer Barbi, Becker, Butera,  Castello, Don Carlos, ,  J.T. Cooke, Chonowitsch, Jody Davis, Dunhill, Tom Eltang, Lee Von Erck,  Ferndown, Former, Preben Holm, Ser Jacopo, ,Joura, Todd Johnson, Teddy Knudsen, Peter Heeschen, Matzhold Rolando Negoita, Ivarsson, , Tonni Nielsen, Kai Nielsen, James Upshall, Luigi Viprati,

We ask that you either email us or call us at 1-888-782-1410 before sending us your pipes. We can then give you an approximate valuation before you send out any pipes. Please donŐt send us any pipes without contacting us.  It will save us both time.  


Whether for trade or sale, we will send you an exact valuation after we receive your pipes, before we go any further so that you have the choice to have us return the pipes, (all or some of them), should you consider the values insufficient. However, we will not negotiate the values, except where we have made an obvious mistake (to err is to be human).

Sending Pipes:

All pipes should be sent USPS, United States Postal Service.

Declare as ŇUSED PIPES SENT FOR REPAIRÓ – remember we are in Canada.

Mail To:

377 Ridelle Ave # 1721
Toronto, ON.


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