Ferndown Pipes

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Ferndown pipes by Les Wood embody the revival of English pipe making that was initiated by Ashton in the early 1980s. Oil treated in the tradition of both Dunhill and Ashton, Les Wood pipes are renowned for their pleasant, slightly nutty flavor and remarkable smoking characteristics. About 90% of them are made in rusticated "Bark" finish and the balance are a smooth "Reo" or "Root" finish. Les Wood was the master silver smith at Alfred Dunhill Ltd. before starting L. & J.S. Briars so its not surprising that all of the pipes have silver work. Until Dec. 2011 he still did all Dunhill's the silver work. All Ferndown pipes have hand cut stems from best quality German Vulcanite. They don't seem to discolor.

The Ferndown Premiers' are bowls turned by Les & Dolly Wood, sandblasted by and then back to the UK for staining, stemming, silverwork and finishing. Premiers are exclusive to pipes2smoke.com

The Ferndown pipe represents the best of England's "5th generation" of quality pipe makers. Production is now limited to around 300 pipes a year. As the largest Ferndown dealer in the world are extremely pleased to able to offer these classic British pipes.

Pipe Makers:

American & Canadian






German & Austrian



Russian & Ukrainian

Largest Selection on the web:
Ferndown Grading:
1,2 or 3 * is the size of the block used to make the pipe. The higher the number the bigger the pipe.


Black Bark
Ancient Bark - more red highlights
Antique Bark -Tan
Black or Tan
Reo - smooth burgundy/black
Root - smooth natural
Tudor Root - flawless natural Premier - Sandblasted by .

LW # 2 Ferndown Amonite
2* Bark

$ 265.00

LW # 3 Ferndown/Parks
Sandblast 2* Premier

$ 365.00

LW # 5 Ferndown/Parks
Premier Sandblast 1*

$ 355.00

LW # 6 Ferndown/Parks Bark 3*

$ 365.00

LW # 8 Ferndown Bark 2*

$ 225.00

LW # 9 Ferndown/Parks
Sandblast 3* Premier

$ 395.00

LW # 10 Ferndown/Parks
Sandblast 3* Premier

$ 395.00

LW # 11 Ferndown Bark 3* Spigot

LW # 13 Ferndown/Parks
Premier Sandblast 3*

$ 425.00

LW # 18 Ferndown Reo/Bark
3* Wapiti Elk Horn

$ 285.00

LW # 20 Ferndown Reo/Bark 3* Spigot

LW # 24 Ferndown Antique
Bark 2
$ 225.00

LW # 25 Ferndown 3* Bark

$ 250.00

LW # 26 Ferndown Magnum
5* Bark
$ 385.00 $ 288.75 you save $ 92.25

LW # 28 Ferndown
Reo 2*

$ 235.00

LW # 29 Ferndown/Parks
Premier 2*
Sandblast Elk Horn & Silver

$ 425.00

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