Grant Batson

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Grant Batson is originally from Texas and moved to Nashville in 1993. Working with his hands is innate. At fifteen, he and his father built his first guitar. That put him on the road to starting the Batson Guitar Company along with his brother. A pipe smoker since he was nineteen, in 2011 Grant turned over the guitar company to his brother so he could concentrate on making pipes. First he studied under Todd Johnson and Teddy Knudsen, and then quickly became part of the Nashville pipe making scene. His work is absolutely meticulous - as one might expect from a former guitar maker. His magic hands with their learnt skills of guitar making are evident in his briar creations. All Grant Batson pipes show his skill in crafting beauty from wood, formerly guitars and now pipes. Every pipe's briar is sourced from the best Italian mills & his use of bamboo, exotic wood adornments and stem materials of vulcanite rods or colorful materials are all of the best quality. Each pipe has a Delrin tenon. What i also like is Grant names his pipes & each is numbered. With each being such an unique creation I think it is only appropriate. Maxim

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Grant Batson Brandy # 1
$ 575.00 $ 515.00 
Grant Batson Bent Egg # 2
$ 625.00 $ 500.00
Grant Batson Hanger # 3
$ 535.00 $ 485.00  


Grant Batson Cup & Saucer # 4
$ 695.00 $ 556.00

Grant Batson Flying Dub # 6
$ 525.00 $ 475.00  

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