Jerry Crawford Pipes

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Jerry Crawford has been involved with pipes almost as long as I have. That is shortly after Sir Walter Raleigh brought tobacco back to England. Jerry lives in Arizona an started making pipes around eight years ago. . His second pipe he sold and bought more pipe making materials to make more pipes. His third pipe won the "best billiard" competition, judged by the late Rainer Barbi.

Since 2012 Jerry Crawford has been able to dedicate himself to full time pipe making. Every pipe he makes is hand crafted using the best Italian briar available. Each stem is hand cut from A Grade german Vulcanite or the occasional Bakelite or Lucite. His pipes are individually crafted to the highest engineering tolerances to deliver the best smoking characteristics.

I think a Jerry Crawford pipe represent one of the best values in high grades there is. Maxim

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  Jerry Crawford Pipe # 1 $ 345.00 $ 258.75
  Jerry Crawford Pipe # 3 $ 345.00 $ 258.75
  Jerry Crawford Pipe # 5 $ 365.00 $ 273.75
  Jerry Crawford Pipe # 4¬†SOLD

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