Joe Hinkle

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Joe Hinkle is a young American pipe maker. He started making pipes in the spring of 2011 as a way to supply himself with quality pipes and still stay within his budget. After a few years of learning the fundamental skills and engineering that are required to craft an artisan pipe, he now has a full rotation of pipes made by hand. Hinkle pipes was born from his desire to continue growing as a carver and to continue creating handmade pipes for others to enjoy." I love what I do and I believe it shows in the pipes I create. I make mostly classic shapes and I feel you will have a difficult time finding a higher quality pipe within the same price range."
Today Joe recently became a member of "briarlab" the aptly named pipe artisans development lab. It was founded by Michael Lindner & Nate King. It is not only the largest pipe studio in the USA it is the testing and development ground for the next generation of American pipe makers.

I am certain you will find Joe Hinkle's pipes well worth it. Maxim

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Joe Hinkle # 1 $ 275.00 $ 220.00 $ 173.25
Joe Hinkle # 5 $ 283.50 $ 226.80 $ 184.27
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