Larrysson Pipes by Paul Hubart

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Paul Hubartt was born in Iceland, hence the Scandinavian name Larrysson and grew up in mid-west America, Indiana. In August 2002 he married a Cornish girl and immigrated to Cornwall England where he now lives in the highest village in Cornwall, on Bodmin Moor.

There he bought a cottage & piggery, built in 1820, and after 18 months hard labour had rebuilt the piggery into a custom designed pipe workshop. Paul has traveled to many European pipe shows & pipe makers gatherings and has learned much from the European pipe making community.

He uses the highest grade briar from Italy & top quality German Ebonite for his hand cut stems.Some are subtlety colored Ebonite with faint patterns.

The workmanship is meticulous on every level from the always spot on drilling to the totally smooth fitting adornments & perfectly cut stems no thicker than 4.65 mm with a small slim button. Every Larrysson pipe is totally hand made by Paul Hubart in England. I would describe Paul's style, as contemporary Anglo-American with a strong Scandinavian influence. That befits his heritage.

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Unsolicited comments.
" just wanted to let you know that Larrysson is smoking like a dream." Steve F.

" The sandblast is an absolute knockout – what character". Garry E. Atlanta

"Every pipe maker makes the button a little bit differently. The Larryson button has the best "mouth feel" of any of the pipes in my collection". JP. TX.

" I don't think I own a pipe with a more comfortable bit. ... undoubtedly be buying another of your pipes in the near future. Phil, TX
 Larrysson Dublin with Mammoth Ivory # 3
$ 675.00
  Larrysson Apple Sandblast # 4
$ 375.00
 Larrysson Lovat # 6
$ 475.00
  Larrysson Large Tree Bark # 8
$ 475.00
  Larrysson Treebark Large # 10
$ 625.00
 Larrysson Large Bark # 11
$ 450.00
  Larrysson Sandblast # 12
$ 525.00
  Larrysson Cavalier # 5 On Sale
$ 650.00
$ 435.00 You save $ 215.00
Paul uses 2 different stamps depending on the pipes' contours.
Click on any image or its link below to see a larger view of the pipe.

* Rusticated $ 225.00 - $ 265.00
* Bark Rustication $ 225.00 - $ 375.00
* Sandblast $ 225.00 - $ 375.00

* Smooth $ 300.00 +
* Sculptured Pipes $ 355.00+

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