拉塞斯科夫 丹麦
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In 2004 Lasse Skovgaard made his entrance on the world pipe stage. This 21 year old Dane electrified the pipe community. Here was a fully developed 2nd generation Danish pipe maker - a master at his craft at 21 years old. He had already been working in his fathers workshop at 16 and by eighteen was making pipes for Larsen.

In 2004 Teddy Knudsen suggested he go to the Chicago show and see what the response would be. He took 12 pipes and sold out immediately. When the following year, 2005, he came to Chicago he already had a following - the word had spread. There was a young Danish pipemaker doing superb work in the great Danish tradition with sandblast at very reasonable prices.

These days his pipes are in short supply with the demand from the USA & China greater than his production.

Pipe Makers by Country

American & Canadian




German & Austrian






Lasse Skovgaard # 1 Smooth Full Bent

$ 745.00 

Lasse Skovgaard # 2 Smooth Tomato

$ 1,250.00 

Lasse Skovgaard # 3 Billiard Sandblast

$ 415.00

Lasse Skovgaard # 5 Sandblast Egg

$ 430.00 

Lasse Skovgaard # 6 Sandblast Brandy

$ 430.00 

Lasse Skovgaard # 7 Sandblast Acorn

$ 430.00 

Lasse Skovgaard # 8 Smooth Apple

$ 750.00
Lasse Skovgaard # 9 Smooth Billiard

$ 785.00

Lasse Skovgaard Lion Sandblast # 10

$ 575.00

Lasse Skovgaard Lion # 11 Partial Sandblast

$ 780.00

Lasse Skovgaard # 12 Smooth large

$ 1,350.00

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