Pipe Lighters:

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Tsubota Pearl Lighters - are hand made by a small Japanese family business who have been making lighters for three generations. They use the highest quality Japanese steel.

Each lighter has a built in tamper and pick/scraper. I bought one at the Chicago Pipe Show 2011 and found it is very bit a good as my Corona and less expensive & far better than the Colibri that broke all the time (made in China) and after 3 replacement lighters I gave up. Each Tsubota Pearl lighter is guaranteed for 1 year.
The lighters use a flint for spark and butane for fuel. What is interesting is there is a two way flame adjustment. The maximum you set at it and then the normal screw adjustment as fuel volume changes. This first adjustment prevents it flaring up after filling. A first class lighter for a reasonable price. I found that mine lasts about ten days between fillings and I use it all the time.

I find they have a soft flame that doesn't char the rim of smooth pipes.

Dimensions = 2 5/8" x 1 3/8" wide, Weight Filled = 2.5 oz's.

Gun Matte Grey - $ 115.95 $ 75.44

Black Croc - $ 115.95 $ 75.44

Tortoise - $ 115.95 $ 75.44

Stripe - $ 105.95 $ 86.87

Satin - $ 105.95 $ 86.87

Corona Old Boy Lighters: These lighters need no introduction but these styles are new & are only available in Europe.
Silverplated brass / black metal enamel with silver squares
Squares - $ 155.00.00 - $ 125.00

Silverplated brass / black metal enamel with silver rings
Rings - $ 155.00.00 - $ 125.00

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