Northern Briars

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Northern Briars Hand Made by Ian Walker - The History of Northern Briars

Pipe Makers:

American & Canadian





German & Austrian


Russian & Ukrainian

Grading: Northern Briars pipes are in the British tradition of the being graded according to the quality of the wood regardless of the grain.

Rox Cut - A rustication similar to Castello's Sea Rock.
Rox Cut Regal - a dark Black/Burgundy stain
Rox Cut Premier - a light tan - no flaws. To be stained tan it means the briar must have no flaws
otherwise it won't take the stain evenly.
Smooth Regal - light natural with a few sandpits
Smooth Premier - excellent wood.
Stampings: "Northern Briars, Made in England" and either "Premier, Regal or Rox Cut"
Northern Briars # 1 Premier Group 4
$ 205.00

Northern Briars # 6 Regal Group 4
$ 250.00

Northern Briars # 7 Rox Cut Bamboo Group 4
$ 225.00

Northern Briars # 10 Premier Group 3
$ 210.00

Northern Briars # 11 Rox Cut Premier Group 5
$ 210.00

Northern Briars # 14 Rox Cut Premier Group 4
$ 210.00

Northern Briars # 15 Premier S/B $ 300.00

Northern Briars # 17 Rox Cut Premier
$ 250.00

Northern Briars # 19 Rox Cut Premier
$ 210.00

Northern Briars # 20 Premier Group 5
$ 288.00

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