Peter Klein

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 Peter Klein started making pipes in 1998 in his native Germany. He was inspired by Danish pipemakers from the beginning. His affinity to the Danish style is clearly visible in the shapes he creates - inspired by the Danish classics. He freshly interprets well known shapes often with silver rings, wood, acrylic, or mammoth ivory shank adornments.

 In 2006 he filled his dream and moved to Ringkøbing on Denmark's West coast to be nearer the pipemakers he most admired. Today he makes 400-500 pipes year. 75% are smooth and the 25% that are blasts are sandblasted by him. The majority of his pipes are sold in Germany. His hobby is touring with his wife on his Yamaha FJR 1300.

 What I particularly like about Peters' pipes is that while they are in the German/Danish style the bowls are not tiny little things that barely hold a 10" smoke. His bowls are large enough to deliver a decent length smoke. We invite you to try one of his pipes. I am sure you will be very well pleased.

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Group D Sandblast $ 225 - 255.00
Group C Sandblast $ 315.00 - $ 350.00
Group B $ 350.00 - $ 425.00
Group A $ 450.00 - $ 600.00
Group AA $ 600.00 - $ 800.00


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