Vintage & Antique Tobacco Jars

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These are all older tobacco jars varying in age from 50 -132 years old. Each is unique and you are unlikely to find a similar ones elsewhere. All these jars are usable. A great way to add to the ambience of your smoking room/area.
Note Well: There are no returns on these.They are hard enough to find and get delivered without damage. If you are not sure about something call me.


Abi Natur  Andrey Savenko  Alexander Sokolik   Ashton  Alberto Bonfiglioli  Benni Jorgensen   Castello  A & S Cherepanov  Colm Magner  Davorin Morta   Dotter  Eckhard Stohr   Ferndown  Gabriele  Gio's Pipes   Gilo -"Darko"  Grant Batson  Gregor Lobnik  Jürgen Moritz  Kurt Balleby  L'Anatra  Lasse Skovgaard  Larrysson    Lee Von Erck  Luigi Viprati   Michal Novak  Peter Klein  Peter Matzhold  Northern Briars  Steffen Muller  Sergey Senatorov   Steve Morrisette  Tom Richard  Uwe Reichert  Estates & Specials  Accessories