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This mini site is to help further the knowledge and enjoyment of all lovers of the great Scottish drink, single malt whisky. Many of our pipe and cigar customers feel that a single malt is the perfect accompaniment to a great smoke. Hence, we thought it would be a good idea to present this directory to further your enjoyment of great whisky. Within, there are descriptions, historical notes, pictures, statistics and tasting notes relating to all Scotland's distilleries and many of its whiskies. We include information to some other whisky's as well. The information contained within has been drawn from many sources the principle one being John Butler's 1994 compendium.

Info Contributions: We welcome any information that will help us improve the directory. Tasting notes, historical information & anything else you deem may be of interest to your fellow imbibers. email us.

N.B.If you are a copyright holder for some of the content herein and not credited kindly notify us by email so we may rectify the problem.
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